What do professional plumbers use to unclog drains?

Licensed plumbers can use a wide range of equipment and methods to remove obstructions from pipes and drains. They could employ methods and equipment like:

Plumbing snakes: A plumbing snake, also known as a auger, is a long, flexible rod with a spiral or corkscrew tip that is used to clear blockages in drains. The plumber will insert the snake into the drain and push it through the blockage, using the spiral tip to break up or remove the debris. Plumbing snakes come in various sizes and lengths to accommodate different types and sizes of drains.

Hydro Jetting: Using high-pressure water, a process called hydro jetting may effectively remove obstructions from drains. With water pressure reaching up to four thousand pounds per square inch, the plumber will feed a hose fitted with a particular nozzle down the drain and switch on the water (psi). The high-pressure water may clean and cleanse the inside walls of the drain while blasting through even the hardest obstructions like oil, sludge, and tree roots.

Drain augers: A drain auger is a specialized tool that is used to clear blockages in toilet drains. It consists of a long, flexible cable with a small auger or corkscrew tip on the end. The plumber will insert the auger into the toilet drain and push it through the blockage, using the auger to break up or remove the debris.

Chemical cleaners: Professional plumbers may also use chemical cleaners to unclog drains, particularly in cases where the blockage is caused by grease or other stubborn materials. These cleaners are typically more powerful and concentrated than the liquid drain cleaners available at hardware stores or supermarkets, and they are used in small quantities to avoid damaging the pipes.

In addition to these tools and techniques, professional plumbers may also use video cameras or other specialized equipment to inspect the inside of the drain and identify the location and cause of the blockage. This can help them to determine the most effective method for unclogging the drain and ensure that the blockage is completely cleared.

How do you unblock a badly blocked drain?

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