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Are you tired of dealing with damaged or deteriorating pipes that require extensive excavation and disruption to your property? Look no further than John’s Plumbing & Drain Services for an innovative solution: Trenchless Pipe Bursting. With this advanced method, we can address your pipe replacement needs efficiently and with minimal disruption to your landscape. Whether you’re facing issues such as leaks, cracks, or aging pipes, our Trenchless Pipe Bursting service offers a streamlined and cost-effective solution. Trust our experienced team to handle the job with precision and professionalism. Contact John’s Plumbing & Drain Services today at (323) 422-7485 and let us provide you with expert Trenchless Pipe Bursting services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Our Trenchless Pipe Bursting Process

At John’s Plumbing & Drain Services we employ an efficient and reliable Trenchless Pipe Bursting process to replace damaged or deteriorating pipes without requiring extensive excavation. Our step-by-step process ensures a smooth and minimally disruptive experience for our customers. Here is an overview of how our Trenchless Pipe Bursting process works:

Step 1: Initial Assessment

Our expert team will thoroughly inspect your plumbing system to assess the condition of your pipes. We will identify the areas that require replacement and determine the feasibility of Trenchless Pipe Bursting for your specific needs.

Step 2: Access Point Creation

We will create minor access points at the beginning and end of the pipe section to be replaced. These access points allow us to insert the bursting head and new pipe into the existing pipe.

Step 3: Bursting Head Insertion

A specialized bursting head, equipped with a sturdy cable, is inserted into the existing pipe through the access point. The bursting head is designed to break apart the old pipe while simultaneously pulling the new pipe into place.

Step 4: Pipe Replacement

 As the bursting head moves through the existing pipe, it fractures the old pipe and pushes it outwards into the surrounding soil. At the same time, the new pipe, typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or other durable materials, is pulled into place, taking the position of the old pipe. Once the new pipe is in place, our team ensures a secure and seamless connection with the existing plumbing system. We use specialized techniques and materials to create watertight connections that will withstand the test of time.

Step 5: Final Inspection

After completing the Trenchless Pipe Bursting process, we conduct a final inspection to ensure the integrity and functionality of the newly installed pipe. We test the flow and pressure to confirm that everything is working correctly.

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Top 5 Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Trenchless Pipe Bursting offers a range of benefits compared to traditional pipe replacement methods, making it an increasingly popular choice among homeowners and property owners. Here are the top advantages of opting for Trenchless Pipe Bursting for your pipe replacement needs:

Minimal Disruption to Your Property

One of the most significant benefits of Trenchless Pipe Bursting is its minimal disruption to your property. Unlike traditional excavation methods that require extensive digging and disturbance to your landscape, Trenchless Pipe Bursting involves creating small access points, reducing the impact on your yard, driveway, or other structures. This means you can avoid the hassle and costs of restoring your landscaping after the pipe replacement.

Quicker Project Completion

Trenchless Pipe Bursting is a time-efficient method of pipe replacement. With this technique, there is no need for lengthy excavation and manual pipe removal. Instead, the bursting head breaks apart the old pipe while simultaneously installing the new pipe in a single process. This saves time and allows for quicker project completion, minimizing inconvenience for you.

It’s a Cost-Effective Solution

While Trenchless Pipe Bursting may require a higher upfront investment compared to traditional methods, it offers long-term cost savings. The minimal excavation reduces labor and material costs associated with restoring your property. Additionally, the durable materials used in Trenchless Pipe Bursting, such as HDPE pipes, are known for their longevity, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements in the future.

Preserve Your Existing Structures

With Trenchless Pipe Bursting, there is no need to demolish or disrupt existing structures, such as driveways, sidewalks, or landscaping features. This preservation of structures eliminates the need for costly repairs or replacements, saving you both time and money.

Versatile and Durable

Trenchless Pipe Bursting is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of pipe materials, diameters, and lengths. It can effectively replace old, damaged, or deteriorated pipes made of various materials, including cast iron, clay, PVC, or concrete. The new pipes used in Trenchless Pipe Bursting, such as HDPE, are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability and reduced future maintenance.


Is Trenchless Pipe Bursting suitable for all types of pipes?

Trenchless Pipe Bursting is a versatile method that can be used for a wide range of pipe materials, including clay, cast iron, PVC, and concrete. It is suitable for various pipe diameters and lengths, making it a viable option for many residential and commercial plumbing systems.

How long does the Trenchless Pipe Bursting process take?

The duration of the Trenchless Pipe Bursting process depends on several factors, such as the length of the pipe to be replaced and the complexity of the project. Trenchless Pipe Bursting is generally faster than traditional excavation methods since it eliminates the need for extensive digging. Our experienced team will assess your specific project and provide an estimated timeline during the consultation.

Is Trenchless Pipe Bursting a durable solution?

Yes, Trenchless Pipe Bursting provides a durable and reliable solution for pipe replacement. The new pipes used in the process, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. These pipes have a long lifespan, reducing the likelihood of future issues and the need for frequent repairs or replacements.


Ready to upgrade your plumbing system with our trenchless pipe replacement solutions? Don’t wait any longer! Contact John’s Plumbing & Drain Services today at (323) 422-7485 and schedule a consultation with our experienced team. We are your trusted experts in Trenchless Pipe Bursting in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Let us handle your pipe replacement project with professionalism and expertise.

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John has done numerous plumbing projects around my house and has always done excellent work.  He's quick to respond to my inquiry's and even replaced my water heater on a Sunday.  Most recently, I had him install a water purification system and new faucet.  His prices are reasonable and he will continue to be my go-to plumber.
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Very helpful guy, thank you for the quick service and low service fee 🙂 Job well done.
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Project: Install a Tankless Water Heater System

Comments: john and company were very efficient. they took their time and got the job done right. they replaced my standard water heater with a rinnai tankless water heater. while they were here, I also had them install a earthquake shut-off valve. great job at a reasonable price. I am keeping john as our regular plumber for the future.
Sergio S. in La Crescenta, CA

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Comments: My tenant is happy so I am happy. John was very patient with me and explained everything before he did the job. Very nice over the phone and I will use him again for future plumbing needs.

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Project: Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures

Comments: I am very pleased. I've had John do the top priority job of repairing a leaking drainpipe and his work looks to be top notch. I'm definitely thinking of using him for the larger job of repiping the whole house (replacing the failing M-type copper with L-type). And again, John's bid is within my budget considerations. Highly recommended.

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Project: Install or Replace a Water Heater

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Project: Install or Replace a Water Heater

Comments: John was very responsive to my initial call, showed upon time and did excellent work at a fair price to replace my water heater. I highly recommend him and I plan to use him for future plumbing needs

Gary P. in Sherman Oaks, CA

Camera Locate Breakage for a Plumbing System

Comments: We had them run a snake from our sewer line out to the street, as we have lots of trees with roots that sometimes get into the line. They came as scheduled, did a great job and the price was as quoted.

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